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Steffen Haesler, Kangsoo Kim, Gerd Bruder, and Greg Welch. Seeing is believing: improving the perceived trust in visually embodied alexa in augmented reality. In Adjunct Proceedings of the IEEE and ACM International Symposium for Mixed and Augmented Reality 2018 (To appear). 2018.


Voice-activated Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) such as Amazon Alexa offer a natural and realistic form of interaction that pursues the level of social interaction among real humans. The user experience with such technologies depends to a large degree on the perceived trust in and reliability of the IVA. In this poster; we explore the effects of a three-dimensional embodied representation of Amazon Alexa in Augmented Reality (AR) on the user's perceived trust in her being able to control Internet of Things (IoT) devices in a smart home environment. We present a preliminary study and discuss the potential of positive effects in perceived trust due to the embodied representation compared to a voice-only condition.